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'I'm super awkward!'

really bitch



freshman year


senior year




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Anonymous said: why do you feel the need to want to end your life? What's is it gonna take to help you believe that what I see is amazing? What can I do to make you believe that. I'm willing to stay up all night

If I were to explain that it’d take me forever and I just can’t. It’s just an accumulation of things that make me feel helpless and useless. I appreciate you so so much, you have a beautiful heart. Thank you, I love you

stayon-thesofa said: Hey I'm coming off anon, hi I really hope you're ok right now I hate knowing that you hurt I wish I could do something. Please don't do anything to yourself, I know it's hard for you but you're so strong please believe that. I just started to get to know you and I would love to continue getting to know you, if you'd let me. You're so kind, loving, interesting and I really like you. Please be strong I love you so much.

I love you a lot, I’ll be alright soon enough. Thank you, you’re amazing. Please don’t worry about me love

Anonymous said: Stay strong beautiful, you will get through this.

Thank you, that means a lot, I’m kinda on a downward spiral

Anonymous said: I think you're awesome! Your blog always cheers me up. So thanks. I love you!!

Thank you, I love you too(:

Suicidal tendencies are creeping up on me again..I hope I can fight this one through too. I’m hopeful, kinda

Anonymous said: LA does have a lot of great schools, so I hope you achieve your goals and get to study in LA one day. And in regards to the pic you posted, you looked lovely today, even though I couldn't see your face I'm sure that was pretty amazing as well (: I mean who doesn't like over sized denim shirts. I hope you've had a great day today and your night is just as good.

Aw thanks lovely, I wanna do screenwriting a USC :))) it’s tough but I’m willing to do the work to get there. Haha, thank youuu, I liked my outfit but my face was not working today (aka all days) so I took it out of shot, lol. Right?! They’re the best. Thank you, you’re so sweet(: come off anon already!!(: