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Anonymous said: pretty good just watching reruns of American horror stories but school was a pain in the rear, but it was alright I'm just sitting waiting for something to happen

Ah I love AHS. Oh you poor thing, I’m on a school break 😍 same here buddy



u know its ok to admit that u love me in my ask

(via trust)


Anonymous said: how was your day cutsicle

It was alright, spent most of it in bed with the worst hangover in the history of hangovers 😷 I hate alcohol. Hate it

How are you though, love?


Anonymous said: have a good day baby

Thank you cutieface


Anonymous said: Oh wow fuck me your flawless

Hahaha whaaaat? No I’m not. But thank you love ☺️

Surrounded by trash because I am trash πŸ’©

Lauren for Naked Mag